The inspirers of common. Radomir

History of the initiative

In 2021 for the first time in the history of Radomir Municipality, the Solidarity in Action Foundation initiated the celebration of International Women's Day (March 8) through a series of activities that highlighted the achievements and contributions of local women of different generations and ethnic profile for local development. community, culture, politics, and economics.

We started with a street campaign, during which we talked to dozens of women from the town of Radomir, who were photographed with our festive selfie frame. On 3rd August 2021 on the square in Radomir, we awarded the 11 winners in the competition for nominations "Inspirers of Radomir Municipality" in the presence the Executive Director of Radom-Zemen Local Initiative Group Radoslav Yordanov, Chairman of the Municipal Council of Radomir Svetoslav Kirilov and more than 70 citizens.

In the weeks after March 8, we conducted a broad campaign to promote the short films we created with the award-winning inspiring women, and the campaign received a very positive response in local communities and became an occasion for pride and solidarity among women in Radomir.

Why is it important to appreciate the contribution of women?

There are many gaps in the story of how women lived in the past, what excited them, and what their social role was. Because they did not have equal rights with men and had a subordinate position, women are not usually mentioned in legal documents and other official sources of information about the past.

Women have gained access to education relatively recently historically, which is why they have rarely documented their experiences. It is important to store information about women's achievements to develop so that future generations of women can follow in our footsteps.

And while women's movements around the world and in our country have contributed immensely to the development of women's and girls' rights and to highlighting their contribution to the development of global society, this does not mean that gender equality is a shared reality for all, everywhere and equally.

In the municipality of Radomir, women and young girls continue to be discriminated against. Some of the problems of women and girls in the district include early pregnancy, lack of access to high levels of political and business structures, poverty, domestic violence, and gender stereotypes. This project aims to continue the work of the foundation and its volunteers to develop gender equality and recognize the public importance of women in the region through activities tailored to the cultural specifics of local communities, which create opportunities for inspiring and productive dialogue and cooperation in connection with the set goals.

What are we planning for 2022?

Public competition for nominations: January

Residents of the settlements in the municipality of Radomir will be able to nominate inspiring women who deserve to be rewarded for their contribution to the social, cultural, political, and economic development of local communities.

Public award:

8th of March

We will organize an official celebration of International Women's Day and award the distinguished inspiring women in the presence of representatives of local institutions and communities.

Social media campaign: March-April

We will make a short film with each winner and present it through various channels on social networks.

Networking event for inspirations

To deepen the contacts and opportunities for cooperation and mutual assistance between the awarded women in the current and previous editions of the competition for public nominations.

Round table

We will invite the award-winning inspirers and representatives of local institutions to discuss how to increase the involvement and visibility of the achievements and contributions of local women in all spheres of public life in Radomir?

What do we want to achieve?

to raise the social status of women and girls in the municipality of Radomir
to raise public awareness of the achievements and potential of girls and women - including in local government, industry, and business, where women continue to occupy lower positions and face gender stereotypes
to encourage reflection and public debate on the role of women in public life and the steps needed to achieve equality
to create a sustainable model for documenting the modern history of women in the municipality of Radomir
to promote our project as a good practice that can be transferred to other regions of Bulgaria and the EU

The project is implemented with the support of the European Solidarity Corps.