We are SolidarityWorks

Change-driven women-led organization founded in 2018

Our mission

We promote, encourage and support the sustainable development of individuals and communities through solidarity and collective action for a social change.

Our work at a glance

At SolidarityWorks we work tirelessly to promote intergenerational and intercultural dialogue, empower marginalized groups, as well as youth, women and the elderly. We use art, storytelling, advocacy and self-development to prevent domestic and intimate partner violence, and are continuously learning how to create healthy and fulfilling interpersonal relationships as well as nurture solidarity between and among diverse groups of people.

What moves us?


We act even when we are not directly affected,

because we understand that our wellbeing is directly linked to the

wellbeing of others.

Responsibility & Initiative

We don't wait for somebody else to "fix things" for us. We strive to participate and lead the creation of sustainable solutions.

Building relationships

Working with others is often times challenging and messy. Yet, we strive to build bridges and find ways towards collaboration for the common good.

Our team

Maggie Nazer

Founder & Executive Director

Maggie is a domestic violence survivor, a gender equality activist, a women and gender scholar, as well as a social entrepreneur with a track record in creating impact-oriented organizations and initiatives since the age of 9.

Maja Nikolić


Maja is a digital design & tech beast who is passionate about promoting positive psychological development among youth. She supports the daily operations at SolidarityWorks.

Eliza Pankova

Trainer and mentor

Eliza is an architect and entrepreneur who transformed herself into an insightful self-development coach.

She is a skilled mediator and a great source of knowledge and new perspectives for our staff and participants.

Ilina Stefanova

Project coordinator

Ilina is a scenographer, artist and mother. She is the coordinator and the driving force behind the "SuzVukovo Cultural Center" project in the village of Vukovo.

Anna Lalla

Board Member

Anna is a feminist, art scholar and researcher pursuing a MA degree in European cultural History.

How are we funded?

A majority of our funds are received through funding obtained by European Union programs such as Erasmus+ и European Solidarity Corps .

We also sometimes receive funds by feminist donors such as the Bulgarian Fund for Women and With and For Girls Fund .

We have also received donations and funding by a few corporate donors. However, we conduct thorough research on them to make sure that they do not make their money in ways that conflict with our values including preservation of the environment, non-exploitation of humans and animals.

If you have a donation or collaboration proposal, reach Maggie Nazer @ maggie@solidarityworks.eu

Contact us 🙂

We are officially based in the village of Drugan, municipality of Radomir, South-West region of Bulgaria. This is where we are most of the time during spring and summer time. In fall and winter you can meet us in Sofia. Drop us a line to get in touch!

Phone number