Teaching Fellowship in Bulgaria

Teaching Fellowship in Bulgaria

Our Vision:

The issues affecting Bulgarian society are not unique. They are the result of the global historical and present-day political, cultural and social processes and transformations which affect the entire humanity to a varying extent. 


We believe that solidarity is the key to global sustainable development. The exchange of good practices and ideas, the expansion of multicultural understanding, and the joining of forces allow us to learn from our mistakes, to see the status-quo from a different perspective, and to create solutions that overcome the limits of nationality and geographical boundaries. Shared experiences change our attitudes and naturally awake our solidarity. They are an opportunity to grow, learn and change together.

Our Experience:

In 2017 we welcomed in Bulgaria six US professors and students for a two-month long teaching fellowship. During this time we introduced our fellows to Bulgarian language, culture and civic society through meetings with Bulgarian experts who helped our fellows to develop their understanding of the Bulgarian educational system, as well as its social and political context. Fellows also met with Bulgarian teachers during a training where they shared good practices for building students’ critical thinking skills, as well as during their work in a Bulgarian school. 


The team of fellows had been actively involved in the preparation and curriculum design of our several full immersion programs for youth and adults months prior to coming to Bulgaria through frequent meetings and workshops. During the fellowship they tirelessly led 7-, 10- and 18-day full immersion residential programs for over 40 participants creating a unique educational experience which had significant impact over participants’ language, leadership and critical thinking skills. The student interns also led several language programs in Sofia, and contributed to the evaluation and dissemination of the project’s results. 

In 2019 our team was joined by Lindsay Day, a graduate from Champlain college who received the first M. C. Vercoe Global Literacies Scholar grant, and spent 2 months in Bulgaria facilitating three 7-day full immersion programs for teenagers and adults. Additionally, Lindsay co-authored a manual for kindergarten teachers on multicultural education, supported the ongoing operations at the foundation, as well as our training center renovations.

Previous Fellows:

Claudia Cooper

Assistant Professor of Education,

Middlebury college

Aziz Fatnassi

Assistant Professor,

Champlain college 


student at Middlebury college 

Shannon Ovitt

graduate of Middlebury college 

Luka Kosmina

student at Middlebury college

Eva Bod

student at Middlebury college

Lindsay Day

Champlain college graduate, primary school teacher

Call for Applicants 2020

In summer 2020 we plan to bring on board up to 3 Teaching Fellows to help us run educational programs for a 100 youth. Learn more about our fellowship and don’t hesitate to apply!

What does the Fellowship include?

Our Teaching Fellowship is a 2-month long, full-time professional experience. During their field work in Bulgaria, fellows will coordinate and implement several full immersion Language and Leadership programs for 10-15 participants each. The immersion programs will take place in the training centre we are currently renovating in the village of Drugan, 40 kilometres away from Sofia. 


Fellows will lead activities on their own and in teams, and will have the opportunity to participate in the design of the program curriculum.


Fellows will be expected to participate in all preparation activities for each program, offer facilitation and support during each program, and contribute to other ongoing projects as needed with respect to their interests and skills.


Fellows will participate in regular reflection and evaluation activities to ensure sustainable development on both personal and organisational level.

What are we looking for?

Native or fluent nonnative English speakers who are current undergraduates or recent college grads     


Individuals with strong interest in education, leadership and social change


Individuals who are entrepreneurial, sociable, passionate and have some experience with leadership and/or awareness raising    


Self-driven Team Players     


Great communicators (who will readily give and ask for feedback, be approachable and kind, look for solutions in difficult situations)     


Growth mindset     


Flexibility and adaptation


Respect for other cultures


People who will contribute a lot with their experiences and ideas, AND will themselves significantly benefit from being part of the fellowship (we want EVERYONE to learn through the programs we offer)

What do we offer?

An immersive teaching and startup experience in Bulgaria


Orientation to Bulgarian Language, History and Culture, led by Bulgarian experts in Sofia


Training in facilitation and other skills relevant to teaching  


Freedom to innovate, create, share your ideas with colleagues and program participants


Daily support from your designated Fellowship Mentor as needed


Valuable feedback 


Steep learning curve     


Shared accommodation     


Access to group trips and events


Support with fundraising or obtaining grants to cover all expenses related to your stay in Bulgaria