Our Mission

About Us 

Who are we?

Foundation „SolidarityWorks“ is a Bulgarian-registered nonprofit that is financed through donations and project funding. The foundation is a voluntary, self-governed, community-based organization without political or religious affiliation. 

Our mission

We promote, encourage, and support the sustainable development of individuals and communities through solidarity and collective action for social change.

What do we do?

We empower individuals, marginalized groups, and other collectives 

We support the equal access to education and opportunities for development, and work to overcome the impact of inequality, as well as reduce it

We encourage and support solidarity and cooperation between individuals and communities

We develop the capacity for collective action toward social change

We conduct advanced sociological research

What moves us?

Solidarity - we act even when we are not directly affected, because we cannot be good when others are not     

 Responsibility and entrepreneurship - we do not pass the ball, but participate in creating sustainable solutions ·         

Love - we are driven by empathy and love for the human, and our faith in our common potential

We need your support to grow and develop.