Establishment of a cultural and ideological center "SazVukovo"

The birth of a dream

The project "Consonant. Cultural and Idea Center "is an initiative of a group of young volunteers under the leadership of the talented 28-year-old set designer, enterprising artist, and mother Ilina Stefanova.

Three years ago, Ina, as her friends call her, settled in the village of Vukovo and decided to revive the cultural life in the village, inspired by the acquaintances and hospitality of the elderly residents of Vukovo and opportunities for creativity, calm and healthy life in the village. as a young man, he discovered the unexpectedly attractive.

Ina's mission to develop opportunities for cooperation and intergenerational dialogue between adults and young people and to work on building a shared vision for the development of the village as a cultural destination finds supporters both among the locals of Vukovo and a group of young people who decide to support it. and to commit to actively participating in the construction of the SazVukovo cultural and ideological center for a year.

From dreams to action

In 2021 With the support of the Solidarity in Action Foundation, the volunteer group submitted a project proposal to lay the foundations for the establishment of the SazVukovo cultural and ideological center. The idea was approved and received funding as a solidarity project under the EU program - European Solidarity Corps.

The vision of the volunteer team behind the project is the cultural and ideological center "SazVukovo" to embody the idea of the revival of the Bulgarian village, provoking and reflecting solidarity between distant generations, softening the division between urban and rural, and meeting young people from the capital with opportunities to spend full time. time in nature, indulging in creative work in a motivating environment and good company.

The center will start its activities in the field of visual arts, relying on the support of this volunteer project, and aims to give young people the opportunity to visit the village, to give an initial impetus to organize social events and initiatives and eventually create a strong artistic and a responsible community.

Volunteer plan

Within 12 months, the volunteer project envisages:

Teamwork on the renovation of the Summer Camp, located next to the village, and its preparation for holding outdoor events

Construction of at least one light construction of natural materials to contribute to future activities and events of the center (shed or types)

Filming and editing of a film about the village and joint work on the project with a length of at least 10 minutes

The project is implemented with the support of the European Solidarity Corps.