Survivor ритрийт за жени


Retreat for Women 

Survivors of Domestic Violence


No one can take away your courage, strength, and dreams. You can’t be broken. Give yourself the opportunity to remember who you are.


Домашното насилие е широко разпространен феномен в България, където една на всеки четири жени е била жертва на физически тормоз (Women’s Watch, 2013). Жените, които успяват да се откъснат от насилниците си, често не получават необходимата подкрепа, за да преструктурират живота си, така че да изградят себеувереност, автономност и финансова независимост. Социалната стигма и икономическата зависимост негативно влияят върху степента на докладване на случаите на насилие и създават условията за това жените дългосрочно да остават във връзки, основани на насилие, като наред с това създават условия за социална изолация. 


Foundation "SolidarityWorks" stands behind the victims of domestic violence and works to raise awareness of the need to eradicate domestic violence from Bulgarian society. In addition, we support women victims of domestic violence in their process of recovery from trauma and building an independent and satisfying lifestyle.

Survivor Retreat - in short

The first of its kind in Eastern Europe, Survivor Retreat is a 4-day intensive program for personal development and financial independence, which will enable its participants to:


▲ break away from their usual environments

▲ spend time in nature 

▲ get rid of their fears 

▲ connect with themselves 

▲ restore their inner peace and balance 

▲ rediscover forgotten or neglected needs and priorities 

▲ develop their confidence 

▲ create realistic action plans to achieve their personal goals 

▲ chart their path to financial independence

▲ exchange strategies, ideas, and opportunities for development  

▲ build a community based on trust, sharing, and mutual support 

Survivor Retreat will be held for the first time from 10th to 13th September 2020.

The program will be held in a small town near nature. Accommodation will be in shared room, each of which will accommodate 3-4 participants. During the program, there will be a designated medical person 24/7.

Participation in the program is completely free.

We cover all costs related to accommodation and food. There will be organized free transport from Sofia to the venue of the program. The group will depart on 10th September at 6 pm and will return on 13th of September at 8 pm.

The retreat program includes:

  • practices and tools for emotional and physical health 
  • activities to relieve fear and trauma
  • community sharing and building circles  
  • workshops on goal setting and developing sustainable plans to achieve personal goals
  • financial planning workshops led by a financial consultant for more than 15 years experience  
  • time in nature 

Upon completion of the program, all participants will have the opportunity to receive free, individual, financial advice and preparation of a long-term financial plan, provided by our volunteer financial advisor with more than 15 years experience.

Facilitators of the program

will be the following volunteers:

Eliza Pankova is a personal development coach who guides her clients through processes of mental and physical transformation. She is the founder of "I WANT CHANGE - School for Transformation to Health, Peace and Change", where she leads weekly meetings in which she shares tools for working with emotions, non-violent communication, and full connection with others. He is planning a six-month trip to India, where he will devote himself even more to the practice of meditation and yoga. Eli has several videos on Youtube, that are worth paying attention to, as they contain valuable information and applicable tips, presented pleasantly, with a smile and humor.

Maggie Nazer is a social entrepreneur and an active advocate for gender equality and the prevention of gender-based violence. She graduated in sociology from Middlebury College in the United States and is currently pursuing a master's degree in History of Women and Gender at Sofia University. For Maggie, domestic violence is not an abstraction, but an experience she encounters from an early age that marks her family's history.

Ivo Stankov is a senior expert in financial consulting and planning, creator of the gastronomic portal Blogovoditel and until recently director of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.


The pilot retreat is carried out with the financial support of:

If you want to participate in the program, click this button and fill in the application form:

You can apply until 3th September, 2020.

No more than 10 women over the age of 18 will be selected to participate in the program without discrimination in terms of place of residence, ethnicity, religion, etc.

All applicants will be notified whether they are accepted into the program within a week of the application deadline.