About us

Who we are?

Foundation “SolidarityWorks” is a nonprofit registered in Bulgaria which is financed through donations and project funding. The foundation is a voluntary, self-governed, community-based organisation without political or religious affiliation.

Our mission

We promote, encourage and support the sustainable development of individuals and communities through solidarity and collective action for social change.

What do we do?

We empower individuals, marginalized groups and other collectives


We support the equal access to education and opportunities for development, and work to overcome the impact of inequality, as well as reduce it


We encourage and support solidarity and cooperation between individuals and communities


We develop the capacity for collective action toward social change


We conduct advanced sociological research 


Our Team

Maggie Nazer, 

Founder & Executive Director

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Maggie Nazer began her “career” as a social entrepreneur when she was only 9 years old, and organized charity campaigns for a sick boy from her neighborhood. In the 9th grade she founded a youth-led nonprofit to promote volunteering, and empower her peers through multicultural exchange. This and other first experiences of solidarity convinced her that it is never too early and you are never too young to make a difference. 


Maggie has been in charge of tens of international projects, and has represented Bulgaria as a youth delegate at many world forums (incl. the World Bank Youth Summit, UN Global Youth Forum, etc.)


In 2017 Maggie graduated Magna cum Laude from Middlebury college (VT, USA) with a degree in sociology after receiving a full-ride scholarship and countless merit awards.


During her studies Maggie organized educational and research projects in Palestine, Jordan, Sierra Leone, and interned with UNDP Jordan and a consulting firm in NYC. She has experience in marketing and sales, but her true passions are education and social change. 

Executive Board

Denitsa Stoycheva,


Prospecto Group 

Strahil Vasilev,

Manager PR and Advertising,

Inter Expo Centre – Sofia 

Iva Gumnishka,

Founder and Director,

Human in the Loop 

Expert Council

Martin Rohani,

marketing expert, couch, motivator 

Aziz Fatnassi, PhD

Asst. Professor, Champlagne College, USA