personal development program for girls from small towns who know that the world is big and full of opportunities

Briefly about the program

"Girls should never be afraid to be smart."

- Emma Watson

"Everything you do makes a difference, so decide what kind of change you want to make."

- Jane Goodall

Our program will help you discover how to build a life beyond your imagination.

Create your vision and plan on how to acquire the necessary skills to have:

an inspiring and lucrative career,

harmonious relations with others and

healthy well-being.

We invite you to join the program:

♡ girls aged 15 - 25 with completed primary education, living in villages or towns with a population of up to 40 thousand people

♡ highly motivated to develop their skills and thinking

♡ with the opportunity to be actively involved in all phases of the program

What does the program include?

Intensive online training

Participate in 12 intensive online sessions with exercises and discussions to explore key directions for development

Online environment for sharing and sharing

You join the Facebook group of the community of participants, organizers and mentors in the program

Meetings with mentors selected especially for you

You get the opportunity to meet women experts in the fields that interest you

Summer Academy for Transformation

With the successful completion of the online training, a summer camp with provocative challenges awaits you

What do the participants in the first edition of Gergina share?

Kristina Mincheva, 21, Saraya village, Pazardzhik

Each meeting taught me many things. I feel richer and more confident. Now I believe more in my abilities and I know that even if I have serious obstacles in my way, I will overcome them, thanks to this course. I am fascinated by the ambition of the girls involved in Gergina, and I am glad that there are so many young and enthusiastic people. One of the most important things I will take is contact with everyone.

Ioana Genkova, 18, Gorna Oryahovitsa

We rarely have the time and peace to ask ourselves the questions that excite us, and Gergina did just that - she gave us not only time but also questions to help us get to know ourselves. The lack of tension from being obliged to share the answers to each of the questions allows us to be honest with ourselves and understand what is happening inside us. I would recommend the training to absolutely everyone because the results are there - I feel calm, plan my time better, and am inspired to move forward toward my goals.

Vasilena Encheva, 16 The village of Nikyup

I learned a lot from this online training, but the most useful for me are the lessons, "How to organize our time?", "How to deal with people we don't get along with?" And "How to overcome the limited idea of myself?". I recommend it because girls who are my age would find it very useful, because the information and help that you have given us very rarely, we could meet.

Gergina Online Training


The training addresses some of the most important aspects of personal development by answering the following questions:

♡ How do I know what I can be successful at?

♡ How can I develop in the direction of good income in the field that interests me?

♡ How can I create goals from my dreams that I can achieve?

♡ How to learn such popular "habits of successful people"?

♡ How do I recognize which job is good for me?

♡ What is the key to resolving conflicts with people?

♡ How do make wiser decisions?

♡ How to be an emotionally intelligent woman?

♡ How to grow out of my problems?

♡ How to overcome the limited idea of myself?

These topics will be addressed through the presentation of fundamental principles, interactive exercises, and discussions.

Necessary materials
  • Computer with internet (desktop computer, laptop, or smartphone)
  • Stable and strong internet connection (preferably with cable or wi-fi from a router; relying on cellular internet on a mobile is not desirable)
  • Headphones with microphone (or handsfree)
  • Video camera
  • Diary for keeping notes and exercises, pen
Calendar of meetings

The twelve two-hour meetings within the online training will be held with the following schedule:

♡ 1st to 10th April from 11 am – 1:30 pm every day

♡ 16th and 17th April from 11 am – 1:30 pm

Gergina Summer Academy for Transformation


The Summer Academy for Transformation is a full-day 7-day experience that builds on the knowledge and skills acquired in online learning through practical live activities including group games, simulations, discussions, collaborative projects, and creativity.

The aim of the academy is for the participants to learn how to work on transforming themselves so that they can achieve more than they imagined possible in different areas of their lives: learning, work, finance, relationships, intimate relationships, health, well-being, and beauty.

Together we will research and practice various practical processes for:

♡ Resolving emotional anguish

♡ Navigating cultural differences and resolving conflicts

♡ Achieving financial freedom

♡ Teamwork and leadership

♡ Development of skills for civic activity and entrepreneurship

♡ Development of creative potential

Conditions for participation

Participants in the online training, who have attended and actively participated in all online workshops provided in the intensive training program, will be admitted to participate in the summer academy for transformation.

Participants approved for the Summer Academy for Transformation receive:

♡ covered food and accommodation in the Center for Learning, Sharing, and Exchange of the Solidarity in Action Foundation in the village of Drugan

♡ involvement in various team-building activities, acquisition of new skills and creativity

♡ all necessary training materials

♡ transport from the town of Radomir to the village of Drugan

The participants should cover their transport costs to the town of Radomir. Participants from socially disadvantaged households may be provided with financial assistance.

Dates and venue

The Summer Academy for Transformation will be held on July 1 - 7, 2022

The Gergina team

Eliza Pankova
Организатор и обучител

Eliza is a personal development coach who easily and cheerfully guides her clients through processes of mental and physical transformation. Five years ago, she created "I Want Change - School for Transformation to Health, Peace, and Realization", where she leads weekly group meetings and works with clients individually. It shares tools for stress relief and conflict resolution, personal time management and financial management, creative entrepreneurship, and ways to realize the unique potential in each of us.

She understands us like no one else, and she helps us realize those dreams of ours that others sometimes try to dissuade us from. No matter what experience and problems you have had in your life so far, Ellie will help you discover your unique potential and path to realization.

Maggie Nazer
Organizer and trainer

Maggie began her career as a social entrepreneur in third grade when she organized charity campaigns for a sick boy in her neighborhood. She is the founder and executive director of the “SolidarityWorks” Foundation, founder of the Center for Learning, Sharing, and Exchange with an accommodation base in the village of Drugan, has published a book, and has a special ability to bring together especially special and talented people. She has represented Bulgaria as a youth delegate at numerous world forums and has traveled to 35+ countries. In 2017 Maggie graduated with honors from Middlebury College (USA), where she studied for four years on a full scholarship. She is about to complete a master's degree in History of Women and Gender at Sofia University.

The program is dedicated to

Gergina Toncheva

Our development program pays tribute to an admirable woman with an outstanding contribution to Bulgarian education and culture, whose earthly journey begins in the small Pleven village of Sadovets.

Who is Gergina Toncheva?

Gergina Toncheva was born on December 25, 1932, in the village of Sadovets, Pleven region. He died on July 11, 2020, in Sofia. She is the awakener, founder, and thirty-year-old director of the National High School of Ancient Languages and Cultures.

Winner of numerous awards and distinctions, including:

Honorary Award of the "Vivarium Novum" Academy in Rome

Order "Stara Planina" I degree (2003)

Award "Prof. Marko Semov "- for a bright presence in the spiritual life of the nation (2010)

Honorary badge with a blue ribbon of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”(2012)

Award for contribution to the capital's education

Honorary Citizen of Sofia (2018)

What connects us to her?

Gergina Toncheva is the founder and longtime director of NGDEK "St. Constantine Cyril the Philosopher". This is the high school graduated by Maggie Nazer (founder and executive director of the Solidarity in Action Foundation), Denitsa Stoycheva (member of the foundation's board), and Ilina Stefanova (coordinator of the SazVukovo volunteer project and other art initiatives).

For the first time Magi, Denitsa, and Ilina meet Gergina Toncheva at the exams for applying to NGDEK, where the director remains a lasting memory with her unique and unadulterated kindness, care, and interest in girls. In the eighth grade, Mrs. Toncheva teaches the subject Lyuboslovie, in which she tenderly builds the respect, alertness, and aesthetic sense of the students to the Bulgarian language and various topics of human existence. 

In 9th grade, Maggie and Denitsa share with Ms. Toncheva the idea of creating a student volunteer association at NGDEK, which the principal willingly welcomes and supports. 

Gergina Toncheva provides a scholarship for Magi Nazer to participate in the training practices of NGDEK in Turkey and Greece. For Maggie, who comes from a disadvantaged family, this is her first trip abroad - an opportunity that broadens her horizons and ignites the spark of her travel and discovery spirit, which later led her to participate in and organize numerous intercultural exchange programs, to study in the United States, and to explore oneself, the different cultures and dimensions of the human in more than 35 countries. 

Gergina Toncheva's role in building girls as young leaders, researchers, and awake souls is huge.

What do participants in our previous programs share?

Thanks to Maggie and Ellie, who gave me the opportunity to join the international program "Awake, Aware, Active", which took place during the summer in the village of Drugan. It was a great experience. I met a lot of new people, learned a lot about the foreign culture and way of life of the people around the world, and made new friends. Together with them, we created many memories that are invaluable to me personally. These were the greatest days of this summer.

I will participate in the personal development program "Gergina" with great enthusiasm! I hope to meet again young, ambitious, and very aware people who want to develop and want to get out of their comfort zone. I can't wait to meet and have fun together!

Ventsislava Slavkova, 17, Drugan village

I have participated in two programs of the foundation. The first was the language camp Immersion Academy 2019, and the second – was the youth exchange Storytelling for Social Justice 2021. My impressions of the foundation are very good - the leaders are dedicated, smiling, positive, and sincere, the atmosphere is nice and I always like the food. As for people - they are unique and there is always something to learn from them. Every day we learn interesting things through different activities, touch on all kinds of topics and enrich each other.

When I am in the village of Drugan, I am often impressed by the extent to which the positive and supportive atmosphere gives us, the participants, the opportunity to develop in the right direction. I also appreciate that during the day we have free time and spend it as we wish.

Selin Ali, 17, Buhovo

I was part of the Immersion Academy 2019, the volunteer project "Faces of Drugan" and the publication of an ethnographic book with interviews with elderly residents of the village of Drugan, as well as in an international exchange for young writers in 2021. Every experience organized by the Foundation "SolidarityWorks" team is exceptional.

It is amazing how by meeting new people you learn more about yourself and your uniqueness. All activities carried out in the village create a completely natural and liberating atmosphere. You can't help but feel close to everyone there and not feel like you've known them for years.

Ivana Pozharsk, 18, Vidritsa village

Apply now!

The participants in the first edition of Gergina will be selected based on their motivation without discrimination based on their ethnic, religious, racial, or other affiliation.

Deadline for application: until the available places are filled (20), no later than March 25, 2022.

All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by email within 48 hours of completing the application form.