Our team

Our team

Maggie Nazer

Founder and Executive Director 

Maggie Naser began her "career" as a social entrepreneur in third grade when she organized charity campaigns for a sick boy in her neighborhood. These and other first attempts at solidarity convince her that it is never too early and you are never too young to make a change. Maggie has dozens of international projects behind her and has represented Bulgaria as a youth delegate at numerous world forums. In 2017 Maggie graduated with honors from Middlebury College (USA), where she studied sociology and Arabic for four years on a full scholarship. 

During her training, Maggie organized educational and research projects in Palestine, Jordan and Sierra Leone and did internships at UNDP Jordan and a consulting firm in New York. She has experience in sales and marketing, but her real passion and vocation is education and social change.

Ilina Stefanova

Director - SuzVukovo Cultural Center (village of Vukovo)

Ilina Stefanova is an artist and stage designer, a freelancer in the Bulgarian theater circles since 2016. He has completed several theater projects and joint exhibitions in Bulgaria and France.

A graduate of the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Ina believes in the benefits of multidimensional personal development and has broad interests in various humanitarian and artistic fields. Ina has lived, studied, and worked in the Netherlands and Portugal since 2019. lives permanently in the village of Vukovo, where together with local volunteers and enthusiasts he created a cultural center SazVukovo. Strongly believing in the potential of Bulgarian villages to restore the connection of young people with nature, their roots, and elusive happiness, Ina is a reliable partner in conducting youth practices and exchanges, attracting young people to live outside the cities, and organizing cultural events in unusual places.

Eliza Pankova

Trainer and mentor


Eliza is a personal development coach who easily and cheerfully guides her clients through processes of mental and physical transformation. Five years ago, she created "I Want Change - School for Transformation to Health, Peace, and Realization", where she leads weekly group meetings and works with clients individually. It shares tools for stress relief and conflict resolution, personal time management and financial management, creative entrepreneurship, and ways to realize the unique potential in each of us.

She understands us like no one else, and she helps us realize those dreams of ours that others sometimes try to dissuade us from. No matter what experience and problems you have had in your life so far, Ellie will help you discover your unique potential and path to realization.

Management Board 

Anna Lala

Researcher, European Cultural History

Denitsa Stoycheva

Manager and PR specialist

Maggie Nazer

Founder and Executive Director

Expert advisors

Ivo Stankov

Expert in financial consulting and planning