PhotoVoice - Participation & Empowerment in Youth Work

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, our lives and the way we perceive social interactions have changed drastically.

Youth organisations have had to reinvent themselves, find new ways of working and interacting to ensure that those in the most vulnerable situations would still be supported. These adaptations call for innovative and creative practices.


That is why with the VOICE project, we want to engage youth organisations, formal education institutions as well as creative actors to work together towards professional youth work in Europe.

Learning-by-doing approach

VOICE has trained about 80 social work students as well as young social & youth workers from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands through several trainings held in May and July 2022.

Through a combination of theoretical input and “hands-in” practical learning, these participants learned how to use the Photovoice method so that they can, in their future activities, work towards more inclusive societies by empowering local communities thanks to this innovative and creative tool for individual and collective expression.

During the proccess they produced the VOICE project's Photovoice results answering to the questions "How do you imagine your European utopia in 20 years?" and "How would you describe the life of a young person in Europe to an alien?".

What is Photovoice?

By bringing together future and current youth workers, young people and creative organisations (eg. photographers and graphic designers), the VOICE project aims at promoting the method of Photovoice in youth work, to make it more recognized as a creative tool that future and current youth workers can use to promote social inclusion, engagement and active citizenship of young people.

Photovoice online exhibition

You can now check their diverse results! While being the VOICE participants’ own contribution to the European Year of Youth, these results also showcase how effective Photovoice is in facilitating self- and collective expression, and to what kind of authentic and impactful outcomes it can lead to!

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