What is a problem in my community, and what should be done about it?

„As a matter of fact, I prefer people who don’t have the headache to think ..“ Outwitting the Devil By Napoleon Hill


According to the monologue of the Devil, in the book by Napoleon Hill, thought creates a headache. It isn’t safer, given the risk of such a feeling, to miss the thoughts that cling to my mind and not to give them expression? For a moment, I will dismiss the uninvited guests from my mind, continuing to be satisfied with my usual perceptions? Why should I meet the pain that, according to Napoleon Hill’s Devil, would have occurred to me if I allowed myself the imprudence to think …? I dream to meet him, to measure thoughts and speech with the Devil. I accept the discomfort, I’m not afraid of the pain, I think… ​


I love my country, small, but with an unusual history. A place where centuries-old traditions and the culture of the Thracians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Slavs and the Bulgarians have weaved a unique knit into our genotype. I think about equality, freedom and brotherhood, for the advancement of life…advance….go on shoo!​ ​ It is not fair that the people give the oldest processed gold, the Cyrillic alphabet and the computer to be on the Devil’s side. But reality compels me to admit that. We, the Bulgarians, our society, our state, are striving more and more to avoid the pain, to protect ourselves from the headache, not to be mistaken, not to think, not to disrupt our traditions, to keep everything in balance, trampled by our Devilish perceptions. What happened?! Where and when did everything start? Every one of us! Am I like them…? ​


Family: Are traditional family values lost? Where is the respect for dignity? Now, in the spirit of modernity, of the revolution, we have forgotten about family bliss. Why are the tales of the Grimm Brothers, Hans Christian Anderson and Charles Pero told by my grandma are more and more uninteresting and incomprehensible? Digitally animated, in HD format and with Dolby sound, they have lost the competition with the characters of the Power Rangers and the Transformers! ​In the thoughts of the children of my country, mothers are not princesses and fairies who, with love, keep them safe from wicked witches and wizards, while dads are not knights with swords able to defend them and meet out justice. Now the magic of mothers is the timely completion of the business plan in time and the father’s sword is replaced by the laptop and the tablet.


School: ​”Thought gives us wings”- Renaissance call! Man wants to fly like a bird, to roar above the Earth’s expanse! In the context of our judgments, we try to use an elemental technological allegory, the family shapes the dreams and the longing of young people to fly, then school gives them the idea with which each of them, in their future at least will be the Wright brothers. From a historical view, Bulgaria can be proud with a lot of things. Aviation achievements of world importance. One of the aircraft engineers who contributed to the modern aircraft (in The USA) is Asen Yordanov, the creator of one of the most successful Boeings in years after The Second World War. ​The Bulgarian intellect and knowledge, the first of which is in the Bulgarian school… But in the reality, these are more and more words with anachronistic meaning. Because the wings of the Bulgarian school are broken. Like in the family, there is lack of magic in communication. In school, the shadow of doubt, mistrust and shackled communication occupy a bigger and bigger place. In the faceless parade of teaching material, topics, lectures and authorized views we forget the dreams of discovery and the restless creativity of the spirit thirsty for conquering the unknown, the true engine of our development and the road to perfection. This time, this beam directed to the unknown is born in school and must be genuine and unencumbered by the caustics of mandatory plans, automated communication, and the soulless and formal fulfillment of the duties of students and teachers. The freedom of thought and speech, the right to own an unfiltered thought and behavior should be in the center of school rules.


The departure from the analytical model of teaching, the abandonment of the gradual absorption of compulsory knowledge, the ignorance of postulates are the obligatory steps to indicate the ideal, the free spirit and the striving for discovery in the Bulgarian school. The encouragement of talent, to share and to give non – standard solutions, the equal communication between teachers and students are the springboard for developing Bulgarian education. Strictly conservative perception of school education does not allow it to find the most important puzzle in the huge and colorful palette, the picture of the society that the school needs to paint.


Society and the state: ​Post-communist society in my homeland has collapsed in a relatively short period of time with the highly antagonistic models of totalitarianism and democracy, and it is difficult for it to adapt to find the right path and move forward. The ideologies of apparent prosperity and equality were, replaced by slogans of democratic life, pluralistic society, rights, liberties and development. Losing the degraded postulates of society, people in Bulgaria embraced the rights they have been given and forgot about their duties. Social responsibility and the individual contribution to the common good in which the well-to-do inhabitants of the state are pushed into the individual’s subconscious. The way to achieve personal ambitions and goals is identified to be inviolable and unique to the individual, as the public contract and the reciprocal responsibility lose their sense and importance more and more. The common social drive, joint prioritization and unity are incomprehensible categories and concepts, a ghost from of a socialist past. Logically, society can barely cope with its core function – the individual efforts of all its elements to contribute to their own development and improvement, but applied on a broader, common and shared basis. There is need of change to the social model, as an awareness of the need for shared rights and responsibilities for each of its participants. In order to succeed in identifying development, we need to take control of opportunities using their utility for the benefit of everyone.


A state, with a society that manages to discover and support the development of its talents by motivating individuals – to provide for them in favor of the public interest and benefit, satisfies both the individual and the general public interest simultaneously; the basis of the flight of thought, the development of our future.


„Such people are easily manipulated….“, thus completes his monologue’s refrain the Devil of Napoleon Hill. And if manipulation is a major positive element in self-knowledge of the powers and abilities from the author’s many studies, in objective social reality, the lack of thinking in individuals, the constraints and the polarization are the main obstacles to the development of personality and the prosperity of society. In the family environment lay the foundations of consciousness, shape the principles upon which perceptions will be replicated in the individual mental environment. Along with the upgraded modernist programs for adolescent education, it is particularly important to preserve traditional virtues and family values. It is imperative that the Bulgarian school embrace and continue communicating, seeking and supporting talent, identity, and accepting differences by not evaluating them but encouraging them. The digitization of education should only take place in the direction of using the advances of technical progress, avoiding digitization of thought and perceptions. Easily manipulative people are not born, they are created and educated. They do, wrongly looking for up-to-date trends, both in the family and at school. The matrix in personal communication and education leads to impersonality and lack of goals and dreams. A society of digitized individuals is created, with an analytically determined goal and dreams that they do not like and can not think because this function is not present in the program of family and school…. Such a society, such individuals, do not suffer from headaches, they are the Devil’s preferences…

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Observe, indicate, decide, act and analyze.


What are your top 5 values (principles or standards of behavior)?

My principles are purposefulness, loyality, teamwork, flexibility and social responsibility!


What are you most proud of and why?

I’m the most proud of that I’m Balkan kickboxing champion and I was accepted to teach programming at 14.