If a stranger stopped me on the street today and asked the simple, but yet philosophical question “What matters to you?” my answer may seem surprising to a lot of people. Despite this fact, for me it is an obvious choice in a world, where everyone turns his or her back to each other, showing nothing but how cold-hearted, egoistical and self-serving we have become. One word, three letters, two vowels and one consonant. My response is “You.”


You are a part of the society, which builds the future for all the generations that are yet to come. You are a key unit in regard of the humanity, drown in everyday worries, that is driven like never before but for the wrong reasons. You can change someone for the better; You can make a positive change, so You matter to me because You can leave your handprint in many people’s lives by reminding the humanity what exactly makes them human. Many have forgotten but You can be the one who remembers and shows them over again all things mundane.


Firstly, You matter to me because You can bring compassion to a world, where it lacks. Nowadays almost everyone puts up walls around their heart and wears a blank face displaying no type of emotion, rejecting the possibility of showing their true selves scared of the other people’s opinion. Nevertheless, do not forget that this kind of vulnerability is exactly what separates us from becoming heartless robots with no passions and no desires, shadows of our former selves, shells of the sensitive people we are supposed to be. Behaving in such a genuine way, You can bring the emotion in someone else’s life, showing him what it means to have your world whole and complete. Kiss someone with promises you never gave to one another. Hug someone with apologies for things You never did. Look at someone with Your eyes full of emotions and watch him starts wearing his heart bravely on his sleeve.


Secondly, You matter to me because at the end of the day, we are all lost. We are all cracked, we are all scarred, we are all broken but You can remind someone that we are just trying to figure out this thing called life. Sometimes it can feel lonely, but then you remember your core tribe. The people who sometimes hate you, but never stop loving you. The people, who always show up no matter how many times you have made the same mistake or pushed them away. That is your tribe – these people, these struggles. Yes, we fall apart, but yet we will fall together and we will stand up – together. Then at the end of all hard moments, all of the tears, all of the pain, we will take a few steps at a time. Then we will take a few deep breaths and we will walk each other home. This is the message You can spread just by being somebody to someone.


Finally, You matter to me because You can show to the world that after the hard times are all over, the sun will continue rising up to the day even after we take our last breath. There will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, we just have to be strong and patient. Storms are useful too – they have also a purpose. Lightning contains nitrogen needed in the soul. Without the lightning, the soul would become unable to support the growth of plants. Man could add it chemically, yet there is nothing like a good storm to bring nature back to life. Maybe with us they also serve a purpose. They make us stronger, make us appreciate the happy moments in our lives, they shape the people we have become due to the fact that the difficult times determine our character, goals, hopes, dreams and true friends.


Remind somebody that there is still a bright future waiting for him right at the corner. You can be the person who feels everything in a world where everybody feels nothing at all. Be a person who loves unapologetically. Love the world despite its flaws, mistakes and scars. Believe in the beauty of pain and the glory of better tomorrows. Be the definition of love and spend Your life trying to spread it to as many people as you can. The world may seem a little darker tonight. But still, You must believe that the sun will rise tomorrow, knowing that You matter to someone. You matter to me.

Describe yourself in 5 words?

Hard-working, ambitious, creative, kind-hearted, loyal.


What are your top 5 values (principles or standards of behavior)? 

Honesty, respect, compassion, selflessness, kindness.


What are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of my accomplishments at school because they are the result of many efforts and my dedication. I have put a lot of work and passion into my education.