Learning how to support disadvantaged young people to be social entrepreneurs



From November 22nd to November 30th 2019 Foundation „SolidarityWorks“ took part in the Training Course „Restarting Up!“, financed by the European commission through the Erasmus+ program.


The main aim of the Training Course “Restarting up!” was to provide 24 youth workers coming from 8 European countries (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Croatia, Romania and Poland) with the opportunity to exchange best practices in relation to supporting the development of social business / projects initiated by disadvantaged youth.


The project was organized by our partners from „Young effect“ association who skillfully created the conditions for positive intercultural memories, new partnerships and project ideas.


Here is what our representatives Asen Vasilev (26) and Kalina Stoycheva (23) shared about their experience during the training course:


Asen: „I never expected to visit such a beautiful place as Diano Marina. The Liguria region is amazing, and I would like to visit it again. I liked the group activities during the project the most. For me the best activity I got introduced to during the training was the “Open café” workshop which gave me a chance to learn some very personal stories about the participants who volunteered to be ‘open books“. This Erasmus + project was something new for me, and I didn’t have big expectations. I took the maximum from the project and I am happy about that. I changed my point of view for a lot of things and I feel enriched. In the first place I will remember this training with its participants – extraordinary young people from all over the European Union. The facilitators were on high level, and the organization was perfect. If I had to describe the project with one word, it will be „AMAZING“.


Kalina: I can not stress enough the importance of discussion and exchange between people with different interests who work in different fields and live in different environments. The opportunity to have such discussions for a whole week gave me the chance to broaden my knowledge. Therefore, I would consider what I learned through them to be the most valuable thing I got out of the project. This was my first time discussing the topic of social entrepreneurship in depth and I learned so much. While all of the activities had their merits the one that stood out for me the most was to create a social enterprise. Although the time we had to work on this task in our groups was limited, the activity truly stimulated my imagination and put into use my problem solving abilities. I will remember this project with all of the people I met and got to know for the relatively short period I was there. Every single one of them: the participants, the organizers, the hotel staff, the random people I stopped to talk with on the streets of Italy.